Our Standard Warranty Policy


  • ISP Computers will provide ONE year support for warranty to all OEM components.
  • ISP Computers will provide 30 days parts & labour functional warranty to all retail components.
  • Component is defined as keyboard, mouse, speakers and all parts within and including the chassis, excluding the CPU and memory.
  • All CPU and memory are sold with a seven day functional warranty and absolutely no cash refund.
  • All other products are subject to its original manufactory warranty, terms and conditions.
  • ISP Computers will, at its option, repair or replace any hardware found defective at the time of receipt, or which becomes defective within the standard warranty period (or within the extended warranty period when the customer purchases an extended warranty), except where attributable to misuse, physical damage, accident, repair, or modifications made by a person other than ISP Computers. If a low stock or non-stock item cannot be repaired or replaced at a dealer level, ISP Computers reserves the right to return the product to the vendor for repair or replacement. The customer will be respoonsible for all shipping required.
  • In the event of a defective discontinued product, which cannot be repaired within warranty period. ISP Computers, all its option, may replace the defective product with an equivalent product, which may be new or reconditioned. All defective products replaced will become the property of ISP Computers.
  • ISP Computers will provide professional installation of components, if required, at our standard service rates. Customers who choose to install products purchased from ISP Computers will be billed separately for any technical support rendered by ISP Computers at our standard shop rate.
  • Customers purchasing products from ISP Computers and not receiving professional installation acknowledge that ISP Computers is not liable for any damages caused by installation or the product itself. Any warranties provided by ISP Computers, express or implied, are rendered null and void.
  • Any refunds or exchanges must occur within seven days purchase.
  • Any product found to be unsatisfactory but performing equal to or exceeding Manufacturers Specifications would only be returned or replaced if prior authorization is received direct from the Manufacturer.
  • All products returned with no fault are subject to a 25% restocking fee and must have all original packaging.
  • All returns must have the original receipt or there will be a $30 administration fee.


  • Due to copyright laws, software in opened packages cannot be returned for any reason.
  • ISP Computers warranty at point of purchase, for any software or software with bundled hardware is that the software shall be provided "as-is", and with no warranty, express or implied, except that which the manufacturer provides. This includes, but is not limited to: operating systems, drivers, utilities, shareware, freeware, firmware, and applications. If ISP Computers determines that the fault or problem caused on a customer's computer is wholly or partially related to software corruption, invalid software configuration, or inherent defects in the structure or logic of software, then ISP Computers can, at its discretion, bill at the standard shop rate for time lapsed while configuring or troubleshooting customer provided software or hardware.
  • ISP Computers cannot accept any liability whatsoever for loss of data or software. We strongly recommend backing up critical data and programs before returning hardware for service.
  • Usability issues, espcially dealing with operating systems, are not covered by any warranty or technical support policy. Technical support for known and documented procedures will be billed at standard shop rate.

For your convenience, we accept cash, VISA, Mastercard or Interac. Due to the increase in forgery, we DO NOT accept cheques, bank drafts or money orders without prior approval. All NSF payments are subject to a $35 service charge.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.