Who is in Your Corner? Why you need an IT Advisor on your Business Team.

Last week 220 women gathered at the Womanition Biz Brigade in Edmonton to ‘Cultivate Their Success.’ It was a wonderful day for business women to gather with a central focus of learning, growing their business and supporting the other women in the room and on the panel. I had the opportunity to speak about having an IT advisor as an integral part of your business team and how having an IT Success Partner can help you and your business succeed.

Have you ever had a moment of  “Computer betrayal”, that unexpected, unexplained cessation of all user-friendly behaviour on the part of your PC, usually in the middle of a project, in the middle of the night, the night before a crucial “do it or you’ll be deadline”. OK, not a nuclear disaster, but it can sure feel that devastating! 

Just like a car, your computer needs a regular service to keep it running smoothly. Most of us will have experienced a crash, data loss or some other utter frustration with our technology. It pays to regularly maintain your PC  rather than to wait until a problem arises and then try to fix it and hope for the best. An IT advisor is a mechanic for your computer.

What would it be like to know that you didn’t have to worry and that your IT Success Partner was just a phone call away? Would you be able to dedicate more time to growing your business knowing that all of your IT problems were managed and supported? How would feel to have 20 years of Computer Science and IT Business Management on your team?

Bringing People Together Through Technology,

ISP Computers Ltd.