Microsoft Vista Operating System is at End of Life

What Does This Mean?

Windows Vista will be coming to the end of its product support lifecycle on April 11, 2017 after five years. This means that Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows Vista, and all updates for this operating system will be completely stopped. Users of this operating system will be recommended to upgrade their software to a more recent version before this end of life date.

Why Upgrade from Windows Vista?

The longer you stay with Windows Vista, the higher the chance you have of becoming a victim of cyber-crime and put your machine more at risk for viruses. Updating your operating system will safeguard you from these threats and help keep your system and data more secure with current Microsoft support and updates.

What’s Next?

To find out more on how to upgrade from Windows Vista or to figure out whether an upgrade is compatible with your current machine and software, contact ISP Computers Ltd – Your IT Success Partners

The latest Windows operating systems still receiving Microsoft support include Windows 7, 8 and 10.