Is a Chromebook the right choice for a student?

Chromebooks are budget-friendly, have a lot of options, and are powerful enough to get things done. If you’re a student shopping for a laptop for school, they may be pretty attractive. For some parents and students, Chromebooks are the smart purchase. Parkland School Division has a new technology initiative called (BYOD) Bring Your Own Device.

“Parkland School Division is committed to using the power of technology in a purposeful and meaningful way to deepen understanding and demonstrate learning.”

Together with this we have made certain that all of our Chromebooks meet the standards required for school use:

  • Ability to connect to the internet
  • Ability to connect to Google Apps for Education
  • An integrated keyboard
  • Word processing capability
  • Over 6 hours of battery life
  • Ability to integrate images, video and sound

In most ways, Chromebooks are just laptops. The biggest feature that differentiates them from a standard notebook is instead of a Microsoft Operating System such as Windows a Chromebook has Chrome OS.

It’s intended to use your Google account to consolidate as much of your work as possible, and store it all in the cloud. Most of the apps that you’ll use are web-based, and almost all of them will store their data online.

That’s the simplicity of the Chrome OS: If your laptop were to crash or need repair, in theory, you’d be back up and running just by logging in to another one.

Chromebooks are ideal for:

  • Students who do everything on the web.
  • Students with dependable WiFi
  • Who don’t play video games

However, even though Chromebooks are great for a lot of people, there are some limitations when using a Chromebook and they may not be the best options for everyone. A laptop or desktop might be the answer for you if maybe you just need power, or there’s something specific you want from your laptop. Ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do you need to run a specific app or software? For example, CAD or Photoshop. If you are having to find a compatible software that will run on Chrome, this may put you at a disadvantage with the rest of your class or projects.
  2. Do you plan to do any gaming, video or audio editing? These tasks take use a lot of processing power. Running a secondary machine like a home desktop might be the solution for you.
  3. Do you have reliable WiFi access? At home as well? Dependable internet access is a must to use a Chromebook to its fullest potential as its power comes from always being connected. Your data  and changes are automatically linked to your Google account which is housed in cloud storage

Still not sure? Come in to your local community computer store and shop back to school with ISP – where everyone knows your game.