Get an email about a driving offence? You may be the target of a scam


We have had users receive an email with the Government of Canada Letterhead.  Identifying a crime please delete this email it is a phishing attempt.  

With the matching Govern of Canada font and banner, this email is trying to get you to click on the link to check your 'speed fine notice'. DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK. It will install a virus on your machine and may go as far as to lock up your data and all of your critical information on your laptop, desktop and even back up.

The email content begins as follows: 

RCMP from various Alberta detachments are warning the public about a scam that emails people about an alleged driving violation. It’s also been reported in other provinces.

RCMP are reminding drivers that authentic mailed violation tickets can be paid online at and that the province does not email violation tickets or notices for them.

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